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Preserving Canning Wisdom: Leslie From Illinois

[Editor’s note: This one in a series of essays by winners of our “Preserving Canning Wisdom” giveaway.]

Photo by Amy Artisan

Photo by Amy Artisan

I have started canning as a new tradition for our family.  In the spring we started with making violet jelly.  My children have had so much fun with the whole process.  First they gather lots and lots of violets.  They we make the jelly.  The whole alchemy of turning violets into jelly thrilled them!  Then we moved on to grape jelly.  And now, we are making applesauce.  Of course, they no longer want store-bought versions.  I think there is no better way to bond with children than through their stomachs!

CAA Contributor Leslie Postin cans in Canton, IL.  You can read her blog at Comfrey Cottages.

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  1. i sincerely appreciate winning the book preserving canning wisdom~ i just love it and will be handing it down to my junior canners:) big herbal and honey hugs and thanks~

  2. susan says:

    Do you have a recipe for your violet jelly?

    I make lots of jams, and do not have a recipe for this one. Could you also make jelly from lilacs, tulips, nasturtiums, and mums (all edible?) I know I have seen recipes for rose hip jelly, and wonder if the petals are also good for this…..

    Thanks in advance!