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Can-It-Forward Stars: Jeanne Sauvage

In the days leading up to Can-It-Forward Day & our third annual Can-a-Rama kickoff, we’ll be giving a daily shout out to the dedicated group of folks who will be on location showing the ropes of everyday preserving and who have been instrumental to our mission of reviving the lost art of “putting up” food through safe food preservation and community building.

Jeanne Sauvage.

That’s Jeanne. Not only is she editor of this site, she’s responsible for having schooled many of us how to safely put up seasonal produce. Jeanne just finished whipping her first cookbook manuscript into shape; her Gluten-Free Holiday Baking will be on the shelves in Fall 2012. You can connect with her via her blog Art of Gluten-Free Baking  and on Twitter: @fourchickens

What inspires Jeanne to can:
Originally, I was drawn to canning out of curiosity.  Once I learned how to do it, I realized that it appealed to my creative side and to my desire to get back to more simple food.  Also, I have gluten intolerance and many food allergies, and with my own home-canned foods I know what is in every jar.

Jeanne will be leading the mixed berry jam demos Saturday, August 13 (8 a.m. & 2 p.m. PST) at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Her trusty assistant is seasoned food writer Leslie Kelly, whose work appears on Seattle Weekly’s Voracious and Amazon’s Al Dente blogs, among others. You can connect with on Twitter: @lesliedines

What inspires Leslie to can:
The long gray winters of the Pacific Northwest are what get me jazzed about preserving the bright, brilliant flavors of summer. My grandmother first showed me the basics, but I had shoved canning to the back burner until I got hooked up two years ago with the Canning Across America preservationists and got fired up once again! I have built small batch canning into my weekly cooking routine and my confidence grows with each success. I even create my own recipes now, with a recent apricot chutney being the new house favorite.

Go here for the full schedule of the Aug. 13-14 Can-It-Forward events.

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  1. Tracy says:

    Love Jeanne and her blog! Looking forward to her demo. :-)