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Can-It-Forward Recap

We are catching up on sleep, but still basking in the glow of Can-It-Forward weekend.  Over two days, we presented a total of seven canning demos and three chef “use up what you put up” demos. If you  aren’t inspired by now to “put up,”  we don’t know what will!  We had so much fun, and we hope you either stopped by Seattle’s Pike Place Market to say hi or checked out the live Web cast on   For those who couldn’t participate over the weekend, the archived videos will be available in coming days, so stay tuned for those details.  For now, we’ll give you some eye candy, a photographic journey of some of the weekend’s most delicious moments.

And since this week is our third annual Can-a-Rama, tell us what you’re canning this week.

Me? Inspired by Lucy Norris’s pickled jalapeno demo on Sunday, I’ll be pickling some chile peppers.

{Photo credits: Stephen Brashear/AP Images for Jarden Home Brands, Len Davis/Pangeality, Shannon Kelly/In Your Head, Lindsay Durr/360 Public Relations}

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  1. Grace says:

    I’m canning fruit cocktail and more Strawberry/Fig jam this week. Maybe some chicken stock, if I have enough time.

  2. Kay says:

    Wish I could have been there – I miss Seattle. But… I taught a newbie how to do dill pickles and this Saturday we’ll be doing peaches and dilly beans. Quite exciting to share about canning even with folks that aren’t going to be in my kitchen immediately.